Maja Petrić is an artist and a teacher of media art. She holds a PhD in Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS) from University of Washington, Masters degree in new media art from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and a Masters degree in journalism from University of Zagreb, Croatian Studies.

Maja grew up in Croatia during the violent fragmentation of Yugoslavia. It is then that she became preoccupied with using art to transform the traumatized sense of her surroundings. Her work is about changing the perception of space in function of art. Therefore, the subjects of her work are perception, space, and art. To change perception, she studies sensation, experience, and phenomenology. To create spatial situations, she practices designing spaces, fabricating structures, manipulating materials, and integrating lighting and audiovisual systems. The core of her artistic research is the sublime.

Her light art installations have recently been exhibited at the Microsoft Research Gallery, Amazon Storefront Gallery, and the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle and awarded Richard Kelly Light Art Award, Thunen Lighting Awards, and Doctoral Fellowship from Croatian Science Foundation.