Maja Petric combines light with new technologies to create immersive art installations. Her approach is research-based and innovation driven. During her classes, she shares her research and findings as a body of knowledge that can be applied and developed further. She has designed one of a kind graduate program dedicated to light as an artistic medium.




Founding Program Director and Instructor
European Institute of Design Master

Madrid, Spain, 2016 - 2018

During my Ph.D. at the Digital Arts and Experimental Media at University of Washington I focused my studies on learning about light as an artistic tool. Since there was no recorded body of knowledge on the topic, I started researching scientific, technical, and historical aspects of light independently. I used my findings to write a book on the history of light in art and to design the first-ever course and master degree program on light art that is currently offered by European Institute of Design.

Creative Lighting is the first ever course on theory and practice of light art. It teaches students how to use light and lighting to engage perception, emotion, memory, and imagination. It approaches the subject through the prism of art, science, and engineering. The combination of arts and technological skills are thought as activators of innovation that can lead to unique and transformative experiences. The course is designed to familiarize students with wide-range of materials, technical approaches, and processes of making light art. Through a series of exercises, assignments, and projects, the class promotes experimental approach to utilizing the material of light. The students are thought to reappropriate the traditional use of light sources and utilize cutting edge technologies to explore light and space interaction, light and sound, multi sensory perception, conceptual and compositional strategies, architecture of time, and the relationship between (subject, content, meaning) and process. Light art history and theory is heavily referenced throughout the class. 




Instructor: Light - Art, Science, and Engineering, European Institute of Design Master, 

Madrid, Spain, April - June 2017

Instructor: Innovation Through Creative Use of Light, European Institute of Design Master,

Madrid, Spain, June 2016
Instructor: Color As A Creative Tool, European Institute of Design Master,
Madrid, Spain, February - March 2016
Instructor: Light As A Creative Tool, Complutense University of Madrid, Faculty of Fine Arts,
Madrid, Spain, November 2014 - April 2015
Instructor: Collecting Light, Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain, July 2014 – October 2014
Instructor, University of Washington, Seattle, USA, October 2008 – August 2013
    Light As A Creative Tool, developed the course and material for in-class use
    Experimental Light Art, developed the course and material for in-class use

    Digital Video Foundations

    Experiments in Digital Video: The Architecture of Time I - III

    3 Space: Special Topics in 3D Computer Arts, and Holography

    Video Art and Video Installation

    Fundamentals of Digital and Experimental Art I and II

    Digital Art and New Media – History, Theory and Practice
    Digital Expression

Predoctoral Teaching and Research Associate, University of Washington,
Seattle, USA, October 2008 – August 2013