Light As A Creative Tool is the first ever course on theory and practice of light art. It teaches students how to use light and lighting to engage perception, emotion, memory, and imagination. It approaches the subject through the prism of art, science, and engineering. The combination of arts and technological skills are thought as activators of innovation that can lead to unique and transformative experiences. The course is designed to familiarize students with wide-range of materials, technical approaches, and processes of making light art. Through a series of exercises, assignments, and projects, the class promotes experimental approach to utilizing the material of light. The students are thought to reappropriate the traditional use of light sources and utilize cutting edge technologies to explore light and space interaction, light and sound, multi sensory perception, conceptual and compositional strategies, architecture of time, and the relationship between (subject, content, meaning) and process. Light art history and theory is heavily referenced throughout the class./config/pages