Maja Petric creates immersive art installations that engage human connection with nature and other living beings. She combines light with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and spatialized sound to expand the multi-sensory apparatus through which art can be experienced. Her approach is research-based, scientific and technical. Fusing these disciplines with art lets her impact people’s experiences in a way that would not be possible otherwise.

She received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington (DXARTS) and a M.P.S. from New York University (ITP) on the topic of transforming the poetic experience of space through the experimental use of technology. Training at these pioneering institutions gave her an opportunity to explore various artistic methods to manipulate people’s senses through which they experience space cognitively and emotionally.

Since the year 2000, she has been researching, practicing, and teaching complementary potential of light and art to create the transformative human experience. On this subject, she had developed a theoretical body of knowledge that is embodied in her art practice that she thought at the University of Washington, Complutense University of Madrid, Technical University of Madrid, and European Institute of Design. In 2016 she has designed and directed the graduate program Creative Lighting at European Institute of Design in Madrid, Spain. Her research on the creative use of light is being prepared for publishing in a book - History of Light in Art.

Most recently, her artwork has been exhibited at Winston Wächter Fine Art Gallery, MadArt Studio, Google Permanent Art Collection, Microsoft Research Gallery, Henry Art Gallery, Wonderspaces, Amazon Headquarters Gallery, Landmark Gallery in Hong Kong, Matadero, and Medialab Prado. Some of the awards she received include Microsoft Research Residency Award, Richard Kelly Light Art Award, two Thunen Lighting Awards, and Doctoral Fellowship from Croatian Science Foundation. Her artwork has been nominated for Arts Innovator Award, FastCo. Innovation by Design Awards, International Light Art Award by the Centre for International Light Art Unna.


Artist statement

I am an artist developing immersive art installations that evoke the sublimity of nature. As human beings, we are all emotionally connected to nature and each other. Evoking it allows me to engage people with their innate connection with the environment and other fellow humans to the degree that one can recognize unity with something greater than oneself in this vast and interconnected universe. To do this, I work on expanding the available artistic apparatus through new technologies. During experimentation across different media, I discovered that both natural and artificial light is an immensely potent tool to engage people’s perception, emotion, memory, and imagination. I combine the experience of light with various new technologies such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and spatialized sound to manipulate senses through which space is experienced cognitively and emotionally.

TI employ both natural and artificial light that evokes the natural beauty of the universe and reveals connections between us and the rest of the world that often stay hidden in the plain sight. I have been leveraging sunlight and starlight as the source for my art to create large-scale interventions in the architectural spaces. At the same time, I have been developing dynamic light-driven experiences through the use of digital media. In many of my artworks, the lighting is programmed to be interactive and respond to people's presence and behavior. Their participation is an integral part of the artwork and causes the artwork itself to change. In so, they actively elicit a profound experience of interconnectedness that helps them catch a glimpse, however fleeting, of the essence of life.